Moore Fingertip in Autumn Pearl (Pen 1163)

Nib: Firm 14 Kt Extra Fine

I collect Moore pens generally, and Fingertips specifically. That means sometimes I end up with duplicates. This example is essentially identical to the one I kept (and one or the other was on the cover of the Pennant Spring issue 2019). It's in perfect condition other than a little bit of corrosion on the back side of the nib cowling (the portion of the spun cone you wouldn't see when writing). The Fingertip was Moore's attempt to match the Parker 51. The nib is a very firm extra-fine (that they probably called fine). While this particular pen has a brand new sac, most of these weren't, in truth, reliable writers unless you wanted blue stained fingers. However, the celluloid Fingertips are absolutely gorgeous, and they were an enormous design reach for a company that had almost never bothered to do much creative design work, preferring to copy other makers. Most Fingertips were injection molded plastic, but Moore made two celluloid versions, in Autumn Pearl (like this one) and Sea Spray Pearl (blue-gray). The celluloid versions are the most collectible. Lever filler. 5", 128 mm.