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Welcome! As we enter Fall, I'll be adding pens more regularly. I retire from work November 1, and intend to spend more time working on pens instead of science policies. I've reduced some prices on pens we'd like to move- look for the discounts! And I'll be travelling during October. I'll check e-mails, and the inventory is with Stephen in Virginia, so we can ship orders promptly. Our general approach: when you hit the button to inquire about a pen, it generates an email to me, Ross McKinney, and there's an opportunity to mention where you live. This is a fast changing environment, so I may not immediately know about shipping to your area if it's outside the United States. However, we should respond reasonably quickly because we do ship internationally. Just let me know where and we'll calculate a price. Most of the time the pens will be shipped by Stephen Bower, who lives in Richmond, VA, but we're in regular communication so there's almost no lag in when we mail. For those of you who would like to see my alternate hobby, photography, I now have a Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rossmck/ All Prices are inclusive of shipping in the United States. Shipping costs will be added for international sales.

- Ross McKinney
Sun Oct 01 2023

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Ross McKinney, Jr.
Ross McKinney, Jr. I pride myself as a reliable source of working pens, accurately described. All our pens are guaranteed be as described and to work as they should.