Bexley Prometheus Revisited - Strawberry and Black Hard Rubber (Pen 1999)

Nib: Fine Steel nib


I bought this pen from Howard Levy at the Raleigh Pen Show in 2016. At the time, Howard was the owner of Bexley, and he told me this model is a Prometheus Revisited in Strawberry and Black hard rubber. I used it regularly for while, and at some point I had some nib work done on it. The pen writes as a fine italic. The gold plating has pretty much washed off the nib. Otherwise the condition is excellent. The pen is cartridge-converter filler, and it has a piston-style converter. This is a big pen with a wide barrel. 5 1/2", 142 mm. This is from my collection (pens I never intended to sell), but I have too many pens at the moment and it wasn't being used. It should be!