Danish Penol 1252 - Orange - Flex Nib (SB 699)

Nib: 14 Kt F-M Flexible

This is an early 1950s Danish Penol model 1252. It has a neat stair-stepped cap end. Button filler. It's missing one cap band, and it was a bit over-polished by some previous owner, which means no scratches or engravings (I think there had been one, but it's been polished out prior to arriving in my hands), and the "Penol 1252" imprint is clear but thin on one side. The nib is light, flexible, and I would read it as fine-to-medium at rest, broad when flexed. 4 7/8", 123 mm. This is a pen I could feel comfortable using every day, since I like a little flex in my handwriting.