English and Canadian Waterman #5 - Black (SB 671)

Nib: 14 Kt Medium Stub


Based on its condition, I would have said this is a pen destined for a collection - but it's a bit odd. Mostly it looks like an English Waterman #5, complete with an appropriate cap and box. The nib is a very large 14 Kt English Waterman #5 that writes as medium-to-broad cursive italic (my interpretation of how it writes). The box and papers (which are really cool, although one end of the box is taped and there's some paper wear) are appropriate. Lever filler. I checked the sac and it's fine. The barrel? It's in great shape and says "Waterman's Made in Canada". The end of the barrel has stair-steps, much like a Waterman Ink-vue (which this decidedly is not). Looks late 1940s. 5 1/16, 128 mm. So this is a nice example of a pen that can't decide if it's from England or Canada, but it's pretty and a nice writer regardless.