Faber-Castell 884 - Green Striated (SB563) - PRICE REDUCED

Nib: Semi-flex 14 Kt Medium/Fine

The Faber-Castell 884 is a gorgeous German piston filling pen. This one was recently restored by Joel Hamilton (who does excellent work) and has a replacement turning knob (looks like a Pelikan 400 part). The pen is otherwise is superb condition, with excellent transparency to the barrel and clear imprint. The barrel has "884" and "M" imprinted, and the two-tone Faber-Castell nib is on the fine side of medium and semi-flexible (you can flex it easily if you try, but it's not likely to flex much if you write normally with a light touch). This is a pen you'll want to use and show off. 5", 127 mm PRICE REDUCED from $200 to