German Matador Standard 811 - Gray Striated - Semi-FLEX nib (SB 618)

Nib: Medium Flexible Matador 20 Steel Nib

This is a good looking Matador Standard 811. Matador was a German company, and I would guess this dates to the war years, give or take (i.e. 1940s). The cap is embossed "Matador M Standard", while the the barrel is engraved "811 - M". The color is gorgeous silver-gray striated, and it has a translucent ink view portion of the barrel. The plastic is in great shape. The nib is a flexible steel nib labelled "Matador 20". While it has flex, it's not a noodle. Piston filler. There's some wear to the nickel plating of the clip. 5", 126 mm.