Limited Edition 88 Anniversario Flex Nib - Green (Pen 2019)

Nib: Fine Flex 14 Ct

This is a limited edition Aurora 88 in green resin. I bought it at Fahrney's in 2017 because I loved the look and the nib. However, in practice for me it was too wet and not quite flexible enough as a result of the wet ink flow. While it looks like a fine, is labelled as such, and has super-long tines, it's more like a medium flex. Maybe if I used a more viscous ink I would have a different experience. This is #068/188 in the LE series. It was purchased for $600, and I used it for few months but there's no evidence of wear. It looks new. The packaging is pretty amazing! The color is English Racing Green. 5 3/8", 137 mm. Piston filler.