Pelikan M800 - Green-striped (Pen 2242)

Nib: 18 Kt Extra Fine

When people ask me, "What do you think is the most reliable and best made modern fountain pen?" I always give the same answer, "Pelikan". The M800 is the real flagship pen, from my point of view (the M1000 is a baseball bat in disguise - too big). Piston filler, with a barrel you can see through to know how much ink you have left. Perfect weight. This one is used, but looks new. The 18 Kt Extra Fine nib is, like most Pelikan pens, wide for the label, so I'd say it's really a fine in my hand. The nib has a just a little give, but no line variation (flex). 5 1/2", 140 mm. You could hardly do better for a daily use pen.