Plexor/Parker Duofold - Black, oversize barrel (SB 605)

Nib: Firm Fine 18 Kt Parker Duofold Nib - Canada


Plexor was Parker's brand in French speaking regions: Canada, France. This one shows very real hybrid roots. The barrel says, "Parker Duofold Fabrique aux Etats-Unis", while the clip is a Vacumatic like clip that says "Plexor". To complete the multinational trifecta, the nib is an 18 Kt (appropriate to France) Duofold Nib from Canada. I suspect this is all correct for this pen. The barrel is thicker than most Duofolds, but the length is standard 5 3/8", 135 mm. Button filler. Some wear to the imprint and barrel. Nevertheless, a cool and practical pen.