Sailor Urushi King of Pens - Dusk Blue

Nib: 21 Kt Cursive Italic (ground by Nibs.Com)

This is a gorgeous, nearly new Sailor Urushi King of Pens in Dusk Blue. The pen is ebonite, covered in very durable urushi lacquer. It's a big pen - comparable to a Montblanc 149 in size - but much prettier (my bias) and more interesting. I bought the pen at the Washington DC Pen Show, and the seller told me they bought it new and had the broad 21 Kt nib modified to a medium-broad cursive italic by It's a cartridge-converter filler. No box or papers, I'm afraid (hence the discount). 6", 154 mm. It's a fantastic pen, but I'm not a medium-broad writer, despite the fact I love Sailor nibs. And this one is sooo... smooth.