Sheaffer Craftsman Touchdown (Pen 2176)

Nib: 14 Kt Fine-medium #33

This is a Sheaffer Craftsman with a Touchdown filler, which dates it to after 1949 (when the TD was introduced). It's a Craftsman because it has a #33 gold nib (the Admiral has a two-tone nib). The TD filler works on the down-stroke - you push the filler in while the nib is in the ink. The pen barrel gets briefly pressurized, collapsing the sac (which is new in this pen). The pressure is released at the bottom of the downstroke, and the sac re-expands with ink. Clever and mostly reliable. This one has a thin translucent on the barrel so you can check the filling and ink level. Color is black, and it's in good condition, although there's a little surface wear on the nib. 5 1/8", 131 mm