Waterman 0512 1/2 Safety with Flexible Nib (JL03)

Nib: Fine Flexible 14 Kt

This is a beautiful early 20th century Waterman's safety pen. As a safety, it's an eye-dropper filler (no eyedropper included). The barrel is engraved in script - "Evelyn Koff" (maybe it's "Kofflin"? It's pretty but hard to read.) I filled the pen with water, and there's no leakage. The nib is fun - very flexible. It's labelled "Waterman's Ideal New York". The pen is gold filled, and the gold seems very intact - no dings, brassing, or significant scratches. What does 0512 1/2 mean? 0 = gold filled 5= gold 1=cone cap 2 = nib size 1/2 = slim model. 5", 127 mm. Ringtop. Gorgeous pen - suitable for a collection.