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Having been cooped up a while, it's time to stir things up on RossPens and reduce some prices. As we head into mid-October, some of these pens look too familiar. Time to lower the prices! These are trying times as I write now in October, 2020. The COVID epidemic is *still* in full swing. As a result, the post office is not delivering to some countries overseas. Please check with us before you order. When you hit the button to inquire about a pen, it generates an email to me, Ross McKinney, and there's an opportunity to mention where you live. This is a fast changing environment, so I may not immediately know about shipping to your area, However, we should respond reasonably quickly. All Prices are inclusive of shipping in the United States. We're willing to ship internationally. Just let me know where and we'll calculate a price.

- Ross McKinney
Wed Oct 14 2020

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Ross McKinney, Jr.
Ross McKinney, Jr. I pride myself as a reliable source of working pens, accurately described. All our pens are guaranteed be as described and to work as they should.