Esterbrook pens are one of the century's best design feats. They're well-built but inexpensive, and they last better than most pens. They almost define the term "under-appreciated". The mother-of-pearl look in a variety of colors is really pretty. The pens write well, and if you don't like a nib but you love the look of the pen, the nibs are interchangeable (Renew Points). Almost all are steel, but there are gradations. The 9xxx series with their "Durium" tip is the best. I have quite a few Renew Point Nibs if the choice you want isn't on the pen, including some stub nibs. Most of these Esterbrooks were made between the late '40s and late 1950s.

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Image from Pendemonium site

I have a few 2xxx and 9xxx nibs that I could substitute for a nib-specific price.


J = Full sized (5", ~13 cm)

LJ = Long slender (5", ~13 cm)

SJ =Short Slender (4 3/4", 12 cm)

19 FEB 2014
Esterbrook Tray

A Tray of Esterbrooks - to simplify life for me. The white bands are my inventory markers - they aren't covering anything up.  These are all in nice shape and should write well.

1648 Dark red SJ (short J) 1550 XF nib  Price: $45 inclusive of S/H/I  SOLD

1548 Red LJ (long J) Broad nib  Price: $50 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

HA165 Linear Red LJ 2556 F nib Price: $50 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

1724 Red One-Jewel J Medium nib Price: $55 inclusive of S/H/I  SOLD

1413 Grey-green Dollar Pen - J size - 2556 F nib Price: $55 inclusive of S/H/I  SOLD

REM Green two jewel J - 9668 General Writing nib Price: $55 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

1540 Black Dollar pen - 2788 F nib (pitting of lever)  Price: $50 inclusive of S/H/I


Esterbrook J

Slight Color mismatch, but in great shape. Medium nib.

Price: $50 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Esterbrook LJ
rw14 rw14

Later model. Good condition. Has a 2442 Falcon Stub (backhand writing) - same as a left foot oblique. 

Price: $50 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Some other Esterbrook...
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If you don't see what you want, I have some other J's I can restore - write if you're looking for one...