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09 NOV 2014
Montblanc Voltaire - 1995

The Voltaire is one of the Montblanc Writers Edition pens. This was made in 1995. It's a very solid piston filler with a Broad 18 Kt nib.   The box is a bit worn, but the pen is in wonderful shape. It's been used, but lightly.  Quite a heavy pen.  Very, very attractive. Some wear to the box, but box and papers are (I believe) complete. Piston filler. 5 7/8", 150 mm

Price: $650 inclusive of S/H/I - SOLD

Montblanc 146 Set
sb28 sb28sb28

This is a classic Meisterstuck in the 146 size - sensible, and not a baseball bat in disguise like the 149.  PIston filler.  Fine one-tone 14 Kt nib.  Used, but very little wear. 5 3/4", 145 mm.  The second pen is a ball point.  Box but no papers.

Price: $375 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc Carrera
sb28  sb28

The Carrera was a utilitarian Montblanc from the early 1970s.  This one is light orange and black.  It's a cartridge converter.  Currently it lacks a converter, but I can provide one (generic - $10).  The nib is a fine/medium steel nib.  Good condition, although there's some brassing of the steel colored plating of the clip retaining ring at the top of the cap. 5 3/8", 135 mm.

Price: $100 inclusive of S/H/I - Price reduced $90 SOLD

Montblanc Generation
sb28 sb28sb28

This is a modern Montblanc Generation in black.  Barely used. 14 Kt F/M nib. Comes with the box. Cartridge Converter filler. Slide on/off cap.   5 1/2", 140 mm.

Price: $140 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc 224
sb28  sb28

This pen is an essay in matte/brushed materials.  The cap is muted, brushed gold look, the barrel a subtle matte black.  The nib is 14 kt, extra fine.  PIston filler, with a translucent view ring where the cap fits on.  Great condition.  5 3/8", 135 mm.

Price: $150 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc 342
sb28  sb28

A not-very fancy Montblanc from the mid 1950s.  This one's pretty utilitarian - it's been used and there's a fair bit of wear on the clip, although the plastic is in great shape. It's a piston filler with a wide translucent ink-view band in the barrel. Nice 14 kt medium nib with a touch of flex.  5", 127 mm.

Price: $125 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD

Montblanc Boheme

Targa TargaTargaTarga

The Boheme is an unusal pen.  It's a modern pen, behaves very much like a safety in that the nib extends, and works only with cartridges (standard international) that are loaded through a trap door at the end of the barrel.  When writing, you screw the cap onto the barrel, extend the nib, and a beautiful rhodium plated 18Kt gold nib leaps out. It has a fine point. The pen is quite broad and substantive, although not that long. In exellent condition.  5 3/8", 135 mm.

Price: $350 with Free Shipping in the US SOLD

Monterosa 41
sb28  sb28

This a very uncommon Monterosa, one Montblanc's second line pens. The best information I can find says the Model 41 was made for export in the early 1960s. It's lightweight plastic, a piston filler, and has a gold-plated steel nib. The ends (cap and barrel) are faceted, while the center is round.  This particular example has very little wear - it looks great!  5 5/16", 135 mm. A very collectible example of a very unusual pen.

Price: $175 inclusive of S/H/I SOLD