"The Fischer Pen" - Eggens-Hambler - Green-Gold Marbled (SB591)

Nib: Warranted 14 Kt Fine

This is a spectacularly pretty "No Name" pen. There's a story. The pen is clearly imprinted "The Fischer Pen". The lever, however, has an "EHCO" seal on it - the seal of Eggens-Hambler. The ever-reliable Internet says Eggens-Hambler was a New York firm founded by ex-Waterman employees that moved to New Jersey and went out of business in the 1930s. Perhaps this is made from left over EHCO parts. However, the plastic is flat out gorgeous - stunning. And the nib is a perfectly reasonable rigid fine. There's one tiny repaired crack at the posting end of the barrel - you wouldn't notice if I hadn't told you. This is a pen for fans of great celluloid. 5", 129 mm.