Bankier Piston Filler with Flex nib (SB558)

Nib: Flexible 14 Kt Fine

I don't know much about Bankier, which I believe was a German manufacturer, so I will just describe the pen. This one has a gold plated metal cap with some plating lost along the sides of the clip. The barrel is black plastic with minimal wear but one 3x3 mm scuffed patch. The barrel is embossed "Bankier" and "KF". KF should mean a kugel fine nib, with a rounded, ball end. This nib doesn't have that feature - it's a straightforward generic 14 Kt, two-tone flex fine. The nib and the piston filling mechanisms are the two big pluses on this pen, which would be a great, attractive everyday pen. 5 1/4", 135 mm.