Big Ben Button Filler - Brown Web (SB589)

Nib: Fine Flex 14 Kt

This is a beautiful Danish Big Ben with a nice flex nib. It does have a story. I think this was originally Big Ben's version of a Vacumatic-type filler. Before it reached us at RossPens, the innards had been stripped out. I remade it with a new nipple for the section, and I used a translucent silicone sac so that you can see the amount of ink in the pen through the transparent portion of the barrel. The sac should last decades. The pen is gorgeous, works well, and I used it personally for a while given the extent of the rebuilding. I love it, but I have a flex nib I like slightly more, and the pen is on consignment, anyway, so it comes highly recommended for looks and for function. 5", 127 mm.