Carter Mid-size Derby - Lapis - Flex nib (Pen 391)

Nib: 14 Kt Fine Flexible Inx

This is a lovely Carter with one flaw. As you can see from the photo, there's some discoloration to the cap. Usually transparency like this is a sign of celluloid breakdown. In this case, the plastic has remained smooth (no small fissures), and it hasn't progressed in the 18 years that I've owned the pen. The price reflects the flaw. There's also some brassing to the clip ball and the cap and barrel bands. The nib is fantastic! As the sample demonstrates, it goes easily from fine to medium-broad with very little pressure. Lever filler. Carter only made pens for 6 years, from 1926-1932, although they continue to make ink products to the present day. This is from the later part of their pen making history, since the black derbies were a design reaction to the streamlining of pens like Sheaffers. 5 1/8", 131 mm.