Commando - Flexible Nib (SB537)

Nib: Flexible 14 Kt Fine


If you decide to buy this pen, it should be for the flexible nib it has. The nib is delight - fine to broad with moderate pressure. Very reactive. The pen is a lever filling Commando from the 1940s. It has two flaws: 1) the end of the barrel is an obvious replacement. It works, but it's clearly tacked on. 2) Someone (not me!) tried to sand off an engraved name and left a flat zone on the barrel. It's not too bad, but it's there if you know what to look for. 5", 128 mm. So I would say this is an excellent pen for every day use, with a superb nib, that isn't the ideal Commando if you want one in the rack as part of a Waterman collection.