Parker Duofold Junior Streamlined - Danish nib (SB536)

Nib: Semi-flexible Medium Penol Deluxe two-tone gold nib

This is a trim Streamlined Parker Duofold Junior. It's actually has a more trim barrel than other Parker Juniors I have, so I may not have the model quite correct. It's made of Permanite, and the barrel is embossed with a Parker USA imprint. The nib, however, is Danish. There could still be a connection, since Olsen made pens for Parker in Denmark. In any case, it is a nice nib, with a bit of flex to it, and the price on the pen is reasonable for such a pleasant writer. Brassing to the ball of the clip. Button filler. There is a very faint name imprinted on the barrel - so faint I can't read it, even with a loupe. 4 5/8", 117 mm.