Red Hard Rubber Senior Duofold (Pen1095)

Nib: Fine semi-flex

Pen1095 - An imperfect but still nice Red Hard Rubber Senior Duofold. What's wrong? A very small chip and lip crack, for one. There's no pressure on the lip when the pen is fully posted, so there's no reason this should get worse. But it is there. The cap band is fairly brassed (could be polished to hide it, but it's still brassed). The barrel threads are black. When rubbed, they smell like rubber, but feel like plastic (I'd bet the latter). The imprint is a bit worn, but completely present (see the middle photo). And the spring is a two-piece spring, like those in a streamlined Duofold. Nib is fine and semi-flexible. 5 1/2", 139 mm.