Wahl-Eversharp Slim Ventura in 14 Kt Yellow Gold filled

Nib: 14 Kt Fine

The Wahl-Eversharp Slim Ventura was woefully marketed in the early 1950s as the "burp" pen. No wonder Wahl-Eversharp was shortly thereafter devoured by Parker. The Slim Ventura itself is a very attractive gold-filled metal pen. It's a lever filler, and it has a small, soft fine 14 Kt gold nib. This one comes with the box and the small "burp" pen ad. Why the burp pen? It was aerometrically filled - you can fill the sac more completely by pumping several times. The pen is in excellent condition. The box is fairly worn and has one ink stain you can see in the photo. 5 3/8", 137 mm.