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English Pens: Swan, Onoto, Burnham

Mabie Todds are among my favorite pens because they made such great nibs - right up there with the best early Moores. The top of the MT and Co line were Swans, with Swallows as a midline and Blackbird as the discount line. Later they added the Jackdaw as their econo-pen.

I've included Onoto and Burnham on this page because they're other solid English pen companies, although I acquire fewer of them than Mabie Todd pens.

11 OCT 2012
The De La Rue Junior
ha42 ha42 

TA not-very fancy small lever filler with a 14 C Warranted nib - but it's engraved "T.D.L.R. & Co" - Thomas De La Rue and Co. Brassing to most hardware. Plastic in nice shape.  4 5/8", 115 mm.

Price: $50 inclusive of free shipping in the US SOLD