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Parker Vacumatics And Duofolds

The Parker Vacumatic is probably the most well known collectible fountain pen. They're very pretty, work well, hold a decent amount of ink, and let you see when the ink supply is getting low. The down side is that they're tricky to service. I disassembled these pens, replaced the diaphragm (if needed), and cleaned the inside of the barrel as completely as possible.  These are guaranteed to work, and if there are problems, I'll fix them.  I love Vacs, have collected quite a few (second only to Moore pens), and like fixing them up. .

29 DEC 2012
1948 Gold 2 Band  
pen643 pen643

Pretty two-band gold pearl from 1948.  Fine 14 kt nib.  Excellent condition. Good transparency.  5", 129 mm.

Price: $140 with free shipping in the US SOLD